Packwood House

packwood_house“The memory of Packwood remained his pride and joy.”

Small and intimate, Packwood offers small-scale escapism. Owned and developed over the centuries by aspirational people – gentlemen farmers, Black Country industrialists – it has a spirit of renewal and regeneration, brought about with great care and attention to detail.

Graham Baron Ash remodelled the house during the 1920s and 1930s with an eye for glamour, quality and perhaps surprisingly – conservation.

He extensively remodelled the Tudor house, adding rooms and converting a barn in the Great Hall. In his Memorandum of Wishes he made it clear that he would arrange the rooms, and left instructions on how they should be shown including having fresh flowers throughout. Thus the house is kept very much as Baron Ash eft it in 1941; not the house he lived in but the house as he felt it should be viewed by visitors. Around the house are quotes from people who knew Baron Ash, to help visitors build a picture of a man who made Packwood his life’s work.

The interiors offer a wealth of textiles, including the collection of tapestries which create the perfect backdrop for the 16th and 17th century furniture.

Packwood is noted for its beautiful gardens with flower borders, wildflower meadows, orchard and unique Yew Garden. They include brightly coloured ‘mingled style’ herbaceous borders, famous sculpted yews, and 18th century gentleman’s kitchen garden and playful sculpture in the park.

In the house the bedrooms are named after stories connecting Packwood and its collection to famous people through history.

Always something to suit your mood

Feeling adventurous?

Explore the welly walk through the woods, take a stroll along the avenue of chestnuts, wander round the lake or go further afield and ramble across the countryside.

Feeling curious?

Visit the house and discover how Baron Ash created his vision of the perfect Tudor home, kept as immaculately today as it was in the 1920s.

Feeling dreamy?

Find peace and quiet in the gardens, gently making your way around the graceful flower borders finding hidden views. Lose yourself in the Yew Garden or soak up the atmosphere of the rich interiors in the house.

Feeling inspired?

Take a trip across the road to the newly restored kitchen garden, filled with fruit tress, vegetables and flowers and pick up some ideas for your own plot.

Packwood House, Packwood Lane, Lapworth, Warwickshire B94 6AT
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