Can you help us?

talks_postcardThe committee is asking for your help. Demaris Hess, who has organised the Tuesday evening lectures so successfully for ten years, has decided it is time to hand over to someone new. She resigned from the post at the AGM in April and this will take effect at the end of December. Speakers have been booked until March 2016.

Who do you know who might be interested in taking over this most important role?
The job involves finding six speakers a year and introducing them on the night. Demaris will help the new organiser while they learn the ropes and they will be supported by a wonderful team of helpers at Oliver Bird Hall.

Whoever is appointed will become a member of the National Trust Solihull Centre which usually meets eight or nine times a year at the Shirley Community Centre.

The Tuesday evening meetings play a major role in our programme and raise significant funds for National Trust projects, mainly at our local properties.

If you can suggest anyone, or would yourself be interested in taking over please email Demaris at or phone her on 01564 777099.

The next lecture is on Tuesday 27 October, when Robert Eye will talk about the work of the Warwickshire County Record Office. why not come along and find out more about what is involved.

Can you help?

The committee is particularly keen to expand activities for members but unfortunately this is not possible without help, particularly in assisting on sub committees. There are a lot of unsung heroes who help whose names never appear in print or on committees but their assistance is invaluable, why not join this band of stalwarts? Contact Pat Pope on 0121 744 4124.

Please note you do not need to commit a lot of time but rather to be prepared to help with one-off type events.