200 Club

National Trust Solihull Centre 200 Club.


pound_coins_postcardThe objective of the Club is to raise revenue for the National Trust.

Membership of the Club costs £30 per annum. The year runs from the 31st March to the end of February but new members can join at any time during the year and will pay on a pro rata basis.

***You can also join as a syndicate – as long as at least one of you is a member of National Trust Solihull Centre.**

Members are entered each month in a draw for two cash prizes.

The balance of money remaining at the end of the year is used by the centre for donations to the National Trust to go towards special appeal projects.

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You can download the rules and an application form here.

If you would like to become a member of the “200” Club please contact:-
Mr Ian Levell. Tel: 0121 745 6408.

Winners August 2015

1st   Prize        Ron Hurley
2nd   Prize         Mrs S. L. Moseley

Winners September 2015

1st    Prize         Tony Fryer
2nd    Prize         Brian & Pam Headford

Winners October 2015

1st   Prize        Marion Buchanan
2nd   Prize        Tony Fryer

Winners November 2015

1st    Prize        Mrs S Mobley
2nd    Prize        Ron Hurley

Winners December 2015

1st prize        Mr & Mrs C T Baker
2nd prize        Mrs M J Ecclestone

Winners January 2016

1st prize       Tony Fryer
2nd prize       Pat Pope

Winners February 2016

1st prize       Janet Walter
2nd prize       Derek Porter

Winners March 2016

1st prize      Christine Baker
2nd prize      Jackie and Melvyn Taylor

Winners April 2016

1st prize      Patricia Brookes
2nd prize      M J Eccleston

Winners May 2016

1st prize      Ron Hurley
2nd prize      Mrs M Allen

Winners June 2016

1st prize      Janet Walter
2nd prize      Mrs R Kerswell

Winners July 2016

1st prize      Alan Williams
2nd prize      Jackie and Melvyn Taylor

Winners August 2016

1st prize      Ron Hurley
2nd prize      Jackie and Melvyn Taylor

Winners September 2016

1st prize      Mr A Williams
2nd prize      Pat Pope

Winners October 2016
1st prize      Mr & Mrs C Baker
2nd prize     Mr A Williams

Winners November 2016
1st prize      Mr & Mrs M Taylor
2nd prize    Mr & Mrs C Baker

Winners December 2016
1st prize      Mr M Allen
2nd prize    Mr & Mrs C Baker

Winners January 2017
1st prize      Alan Williams
2nd prize    Melvyn and Jackie Taylor

Winners March 2017
1st prize     M J Eccleston
2nd prize   Janet Walker

Winners April 2017
1st prize     Alan Williams
2nd prize   Mrs M A Allen

Winners May 2017
1st prize     Tony Fryer
2nd prize   Janet Walker